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When partnerships are established, the purpose is to increase, scale larger, wider, and add more value to society.  Why believes that entrepreneurs need to create more partnerships to grow is not only to make more money, but in order to deliver a product that is more accessible by consumers and business for their own evolution and benefit.

Recently, a good friend mentioned how he being in the Internet Business doesn’t require any partnerships, however, if he was in a Brick And Mortar, he would consider.

In a recent conversation with a fellow entrepreneur, he mentioned how he despises of establishing partnerships that have to do with Internet Businesses, but however, would consider and accept that it’s easier to have a more reasonable partnerships in a NON VIRTUAL WORLD environment, where face to face interaction exist.

The Internet is virtual, and in most cases, most individuals are either working from home, or are involved in very little interaction, unless there’s some team huddles, but how does this take place when most computer techies are on their computer, interacting with their computer screen?

Partnerships are more difficult when in online environments, but offline, sounds more reasonable.  There’s really not much to consider when or if a partnerships is about to break.  You can dissolve and split the proceeds accordingly.

What do you think?

Partnerships with Intellectual Property


Interested in Partnerships?  Contact us to see if you are interested in being a part of the Affiliate Network.  With’s Intellectual Property Network, new opportunities can be explored very easily with the variety of relationships under management.  Partnerships can connect you with the right people and you can be part of that network by joining our team.

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Partnerships for an improved experience in Today’s Social Media and Social Networking.

Making a profit?

Making money and having cash flow is great. ofcourse, cash flow is good, but if profits are good, then you know your product is selling and people are buying. a feq questions to ask yourself. Is your product consumable and usable year-round or is it seasonal?


Intellectual Property Developments? focuses on developing many verticals of Intellectual Property.  Intellectual Property is the main focus of Partnerships.  Although brick and mortar investments are very interesting to Investors, we have noticed that the Internet Revolution has put more focus on IP, which is why Partnerships exists.  We will educate and connect the dots, and provide the missing pieces of the puzzle that you’re looking to create.

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There are many ideas, just as the colors of vehicles.  But some colors will outperform other colors, just like the ideas that are more stronger, will outperform the weaker ideas.  An idea is an idea, and sometimes, implementing the idea is necessary to advance to the next stage, no matter the size of its potential outcome.  If the idea is such that it will improve an existing product, service or lifestyle of a person or mass, the idea has some merit to be considered worth giving it a shot and determining if there is any merit in implementing.